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At Zaddik we treat each client as if they were our only client. Tailoring not only their mortgage needs but their lifestyle too. Some can not come to us, so we go to them. Others are not able meet during work hours, so we work late. We also have those that prefer to do things over the phone.                                                                                                                                    We don’t believe in problems, only solutions.

Our advisor has a history of professional sports, this is why a large proportion of our clients are sportsmen and sportswomen. We understand that sports professionals generally have a short career and it is therefore of upmost importance to us, to ensure their income is working hard for them, with a view of making sure their career earnings can support them and their families when they come to retire from the sporting world.

It is equally important that non sportsmen look after their financial future. Each individuals needs are accounted for when making any recommendations.





Having the experience of a professional sportsman, Scott is well versed in seeing how a sportsman’s life can change over night. It is for this reason he got into Mortgage advice. To help people not make the same mistakes others have made throughout his time as a footballer and to ensure that at the end of their career they are in a position to transition into the next chapter of their lives.

He believes this is also relevant to non sportsmen and women in ensuring their future is well protected.

Scott Wiseman is an CR(Company representative) of Swanland mortgages.




We at Zaddik understand the importance of all financial aspects of your lives, it is for this reason we recommend one person and one person only who we advice our clients speak to in order to further their financial control.

This is where Scott Wiseman recommends Ryan France; providing genuine, added-value services to individuals and professionals seeking ‘proper’, trustworthy guidance and advice, tailored specifically to meet individual requirements.